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Image by Abbie Chohrach


Stand up for Nevada wildlife and public lands. 

Raise awareness & speak out.

Reach out to your state legislators and state wildlife agency commissioners and urge them to take action on these threats facing our wildlife.

Raise public awareness by sharing the infographics, petitions, and our social media  with friends, family, colleagues, and through social media; download these additional resources/graphics about wildlife killing contests here.


 I support a ban on wildlife killing contests in Nevada. Ending reprehensible wildlife killing contests would be a win against brutality and cruelty and has my full support.

To sign the petition, please provide your personal information below. 

Share #STOPTHEKILL on social media.

Help spread the word about the senseless, ecologically reckless, and ethically indefensible killing of native wildlife. You can use the circle badge for your social media profile pictures, and/or add the square frame to your related posts on Instagram.

Click here to find images and graphics that you can easily share on social media.

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