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End trapping on Nevada public lands.

Trapping is a cruel, archaic and dangerous activity that indiscriminately threatens wildlife, humans, and companion animals. 


Trapping, including steel-jaw, leg-hold traps, wire snares, and other body-gripping devices cause unimaginable suffering to both targeted and unintended victims, including endangered, protected species and pets.

Traps expose animals to psychological trauma, dehydration, excruciating pain, injury, self-amputation, depredation, and a slow death. 

The public generally abhors trapping and less than .1% of Nevadans engage in trapping, yet it is still legal. 

Nevada is home to the cruelest trap check window in the American West.


Animals trapped in Nevada are allowed to languish for up to 96 hours before a trapper is required to check their traps meaning an animal can be stuck suffering in a trap for 4 days with no food or water.

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Silver State Wildlife coalition is working to end recreational and commercial trapping on Nevada public lands.
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