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 Petition to end trapping on Nevada public lands

We, the undersigned, want an end to commercial and recreational trapping on Nevada public lands. Traps, including steel leg-hold traps, wire strangulation snares, and body-crushing devices cause unimaginable suffering to both intended and unintended victims, including native wildlife and family pets. They are cruel, dangerous, and indiscriminate. 


Nevada is home to one of the longest trap check windows in the American West. While it’s incomprehensible that an animal’s torment could last the typical 24-36 hours that most jurisdictions stipulate for trap-check time, Nevada still permits a 96-hour timeframe.

Large scale, recreational and commercial trapping takes a toll on native wildlife communities already facing the impacts of climate change. And, traps make Nevada public lands dangerous and unwelcoming to residents and visitors alike.​

Trapping is an archaic, inhumane activity that needs to end across Nevada public lands if we truly value wildlife, our ecosystems, and the proliferation of ecotourism to our state.


Less than 0.1% of Nevadans engage in trapping. The majority of the public want these lethal devices banned.

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